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Forging Creative Psychosynthesis – an evening with Catherine Ann Lombard on 23rd May 2023

Forging Creative Psychosynthesis

In an amendment to the program, the EPA welcomed Catherine Ann Lombard who shared a webinar first delivered to our friends at AAP.

Description: In Roberto Assagioli’s recently published book Creating Harmony in Life, he invites his readers to:

“reread Giosuè Carducci’s poem ‘Il poeta’ (‘The Poet’) as it expresses in a wonderful way … through which the psychic elements are fused and shaped in an inner fire, producing works of beauty.”

This Webinar began with Catherine presenting a reading of the poem from a psychosynthesis perspective and an examination of its images, which includes that of the poet and blacksmith. This was followed by a brief Q&A.

We then had a ten-minute break during which time you could reflect or draw your own image of creative Psychosynthesis. We then returned and broke up into smaller groups and shared any thoughts and insights that we might have gained from the poem and the diverse images each of us wished to present. At the end, we gathered together as a larger group and attempt to forge all the images and reflections into a synthesized and harmonic whole.

Together we aimed to come to a deeper understanding of the concept of creative psychosynthesis through the exercise of ‘smithing’ together the many and diverse insights within the larger group into a synthesized whole.

Biography: Catherine Ann Lombard, M.A. is a psychosynthesis psychologist, practitioner and researcher. She has had numerous popular and scientific articles published on psychosynthesis and is currently exploring and writing about  the relationship between Roberto Assagioli and Rabindranath Tagore, the Bengali poet and Nobel Prize winner of Literature. Along with her husband, Kees den Biesen, she co-translated Roberto Assagioli’s Psicosintesi: Per l’armonia della vita. She also wrote the book’s Introduction and annotated its contents. Catherine writes a bimonthly blog on psychosynthesis at