Please find below our past monthly meditations.

Recorded meditation “The peace beyond”

Peace meditation by John Schottland on 26th of November 2023! 🥰
Sunrise with red sky expressing hope

Recorded meditation “Listening within to peace – silence – love”

Peace meditation by David England on 29th of October 2023! 🥰

Recorded meditation “Forging Peace through Forgiveness”

Peace meditation by Sabine Breenkoetter on 24th of September 2023! 🥰
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Recorded meditation “The Lighthouse”

Peace meditation by Catherine Ann Lombard on 27th of August 2023! 🥰  

Recorded meditation “House Cleaning and 3 Steps towards Peace”

Peace meditation by Monika Kuiter on 28th of May 2023! 🥰

Recorded meditation “Take your place in the circle”

Peace meditation by Anne Yeomans on the 26th of February 2023! 🥰