Love & Couples’ Therapy – an event with Philip Bäckmo on 16th February 2023

The Self is not an empty space, but is bot transpersonal and relational at the same time and both aspects are part of a greater whole. We relate to our partner and to life not only from our personality but also from our soul. And when we mature through our relationships, we grow also on a spiritual level. How can we see relationships from a psychosynthesis perspective? And how can we work with psychosynthesis on our own relationships and with the relationships of others?

Just two days after Valentine’s day we have invited Philip Bäckmo, Swedish psychosynthesis therapist, psychotherapist and the author of several books about psychosynthesis, and also on love and relating. He teaches regularly at the PsykosyntesAkademin in Stockholm. Philip is married, the father of five and lives in the Swedish countryside. He will be interviewed by Eva Sanner from the EPA board, who also works with couples.