Re-enchanting the World – An Evening with Eva Sanner on 26th Oct 2023

In this interview, we welcome back Eva Sanner, coordinator of this year’s summer school and previous EPA board member. While Eva has now stepped down from her board work, she returns to share with the community about her work and that which sparks her soul. Eva writes…

‘The shamanistic paths of knowledge and personal development offer ways to relate directly to Grandmother Earth and connect with the magic of life.

Shamanism is also closely related to ecopsychology, the branch of psychology that includes nature as something we need to connect to for emotional and physical balance. To on the other hand compare or combine shamanism and psychosynthesis makes us reconnect with the Self in its immanent aspect – in the form of nature and its more-than-human beings.

This will inspire us to disidentify from what we think is our role as humans, and to use our will in choices that will change the course of not only our personal lives, but also the future on this planet.’

About Eva Sanner
Eva is a Swedish psychosynthesis therapist, author and an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path for six years. Having volunteered on the EPA board since June 2021, Eva recently stepped down to concentrate on her creative work and leading study groups in the basics of this shamanic path. She is interviewed by Martine Ducheine of the EPA board and fellow Summer School Working Group member.

About Martine Ducheine
Martine Ducheine is a psychosynthesis trainer and therapist, specialised in embodied psychosynthesis. Attuning to how the body has its own language and how re-establishing the connection with the body, the emotions, the brain and the soul becomes a wonderful path of healing.