World Psychosynthesis Day 2022 on Sep 20th2022

Join psychosynthesis colleagues and friends around the world for this wonderful annual event to celebrate psychosynthesis, the event now being in its 5th year. This year’s theme is “The Power of Connection in Difficult Times”. We are happy to announce that Anne Yeomans and Theo Dijkman will be the primary speakers, being interviewed together on this delicate and intriguing subject. The EPA is the host for this event this year.

Preliminary program: 

Welcome – David Newman, chair of the EPA

“Coffee moment” – meet and connect with colleagues from all over in true the EPA style, hosted by Karen Rawden, board member of the EPA, 25 mins

“The Power of Connection in Difficult Times” – Anne Yeomans, US and Theo Dijkman, NL/Scotland, interviewed on this topic by Eva Sanner, board member of the EPA. Approx 1 hours 15 mins

Breakout rooms for sharing and deepening of the subject 20 mins

Harvesting in the big circle 30 mins

Guided meditation 30 min including silent sitting guided by Ulla Pfluger Heist, GER

Ending and thanks to all

More about the speakers: 

Anne Yeomans has been a psychotherapist and group facilitator for over 50 years.  She trained in Psychosynthesis in California and studied with Roberto Assagioli.  They talked together about the great need for the re-honoring of the Feminine principle in a world so seriously out of balance.  In the last 30 years Anne’s work has been focused on creating and facilitating women’s circles in the US, Canada, and in Russia.  Anne is a poet, a social activist, and a grandmother.

Theo Dijkman is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, living and working in Scotland. He came to psychosynthesis through his work with people experiencing severe and enduring mental health difficulties in the early 1990s.  After graduating he was a senior faculty member of the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London for 10 years and continues to work with students completing their MA training. Since 2019 he has been researching the concepts and theories of Roberto Assagioli and Wilfred Bion as seen through a posthumanist lens.

Ulla Pfluger-Heist is a psychotherapist and group facilitator. In 1986 she founded – together with 4 colleagues – the first psychosynthesis training center in Germany: Psychosynthese Haus. She published two books on psychosynthesis, as well as numerous articles in professional books and journals.

We will have two 20 min pauses for movement and replenishing of energy. The total time of the event will be ca 4 hours.