About the EPA

A community for psychosynthesis practitioners across Europe.

Respect, Support, Collaboration

Bringing together therapists, coaches, and those using psychosynthesis in education, business or art. Membership is open to those who have completed a minimum of one academic year of psychosynthesis training. Those with less than one year or have a different route into psychosynthesis are invited to share their psychosynthesis experience in the application form.

Meet, Share, Grow

We work in different fields, in various ways, meet and learn from each other. We each contribute to a vibrant, expansive, and inclusive community in the spirit of psychosynthesis. We connect for the benefit of ourselves, the people we work with and the whole.

Questions & Answers About the EPA

The EPA has now been legally registered as a voluntary non-profit association under Dutch law. It has a basic structure with an elected board consisting of six…

The European Psychosynthesis Association is a voluntary, non-profit association registered in the Netherlands in 2021. Dutch chamber of commerce number (KvK): 82702578